ParishCast Users - Add Users: What administrative tasks each ParishCast User Type can do: Admin, Staff, Member

What administrative tasks each ParishCast User Type can do: Admin, Staff, Member

The following User Type definitions will help you determine which of the three User Types is appropriate for each user: Click the following article to learn How to add a new ParishCast User.

Admin   |   Staff   |   Member

Click the link above for whichever User Type you are considering, or simply scroll through the article.


User Type: Admin

The User Type Admin has the capability to add new users, edit users’ information and send alerts.


User Type: Staff

The User Type of Staff can have permissions and rights for a group if set up the right way. In order to allow a staff member rights to send alerts to a group, follow the steps listed below:

  1. Perform a search on the users’ page for the staff member needing rights to a specific group.
  2. Their User Type must be staff.
  3. They must be a member of the group to have permissions for that group.
  4. Click the icon labeled Dashboard to the right of the user’s name to see a list of their contact information and just below that, the groups in which they are included. There will be a key icon next to the groups.
  5. To allow the staff member rights to the group:
    • Click the key icon.
    • You will then see a screen that allows you to check a box labeled "Send Alert." Click the checkbox then Save.
    • The staff member will then be able to:
      • Send alerts to that specific group.
      • Note: If a staff member has the right to send alerts to a given group when they log in they will be able to view all users within that group.
      • However, they will not be able to make changes to the group or to users within that group.


User Type: Member

Members cannot have administrative rights or permissions to any groups.


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