DM Funds - Frequency: How to set up the frequency options for a fund

How to set up frequency options for funds

The Frequency Page enables you to configure the default payment frequency values (weekly, monthly, quarterly) available for givers to select when they are setting up pledges for the selected fund.

  1. Go to the Funds page:
    • Select Funds from the Navigator Bar -or-
    • Select the Go to Funds page link listed on the Funds Card.
  2. Find and select the fund. See How to search for a fund.
  3. Click the Frequency tab.
  4. The Frequency page lists each frequency type and their related options.

  5. Click the pencil action button to update any frequency type options. See the in-application help files for the definition of each option.
  6. Each frequency type marked as active will be available for you to select when setting up their Pledges or Contributions.

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