DM Funds - Appeals: How to add an appeal type to a fund

How to add an appeal type to a fund

The Appeals Page enables you to add one or more appeal types for tracking specific initiatives the organization uses to generate donations.

If you are already in the Fund, go to step 3.

  1. Go to the Funds page by selecting Funds from the Navigator Bar or by selecting the Go to Funds page link listed on the Funds Card
  2. Find and select the fund. See How to search for a fund.
  3. While in the Fund record
    • Click the Appeals tab.    
    • Appeal types that have previously been added will be listed.
  4. From the action buttons on the Appeals page, select the add action button. 
    • A new line item will display.
      • Enter the name of the appeal type.
      • The appeal type will automatically be marked as Active, so if you want to make it inactive, you will have to edit it after you save it. 
      • If you decide not to add/save the new record, select the undo action button which will remove the item. 
      • To save the record, click the save action button
  5. Select the following links to learn how to delete an appeal type from a fund or how to edit an appeal type of a fund.




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