PSFS Religious Ed Registration: How to process registrations

How to process pending registrations

If you do not have the Registrations option, you must ask your administrator to set up your login privileges to process registrations.

After a member submits a registration request for a class through the My Own Church portal, the software populates the information under Registration Responses. This page displays all of the current registration requests. Administrators and staff users can use the functions on this page to take one of two actions: add students to the requested class or deny the registration.

The illustration below identifies the main areas on the Pending Registrations page.

Select Term: The Term dropdown list contains all of the terms created for the selected organization. 

Action: From the Term list, select the term whose registrations you want to view.

Add Students to Classes: This section lists registrations and provides controls to enable staff to add students to a class, cancel a pending registration, and send emails to families.

If you would like to send a confirmation email, you will be able to do this individually for each Registration within the Class Assignment menu.


Registrant Filter

The Registrant filter lets you filter the list of registrations by category. Click inside the Registrant filter to display a list of categories. You can filter the list to only display "Online Registrations - Not Viewed" or "All Online Registrations" among other options.

Registrations Grid: shows details for each registration.

Records: each entry shows the name of the student whose registration along with the status of Registration (Assigned or Unassigned). Each entry also provides personal details, including student's age, Current Grade, Current Class, Current Session, Past Grade, Past Class, Past Session, Family Name, Birthdate, Gender, Special Learning needs and Medical Needs.

Assigning to a Class: One the right side of the screen, you will see the Session Preferences and the Grade that the Student is Registered For currently. You will select the Session Preference (1), confirm the Grade (2) and choose  a Class from the drop down menu (3). Once selected, click on Add (4).




Add: adds the student to the class

Deny Request: cancels the pending registration. If you deny the Request, a pop up notification will appear asking if you would like to send the person a notification that their Registration was denied.


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