IMP Acct Import: Templates for ParishSOFT Accounting Import

Templates for ParishSOFT Accounting Import 

Attached below are templates used to import your accounting information into ParishSOFT Accounting.  Please download, fill out and return these templates by replying to your Implementation Ticket.

  • Account Dimension Codes: Used to import the structure of you accounts.  This excel workbook has multiple worksheets (tabs) to define each level of your account structure.  Each worksheet requires a numeric code and a description for each level definition.  Only fill out the levels you want defined.
  • Chart of Accounts Import: Used to import the actual general ledger accounts you will use in transactions into ParishSOFT Accounting. For each account you will want to enter:
    • Shortcut: Tag you can use to bring up the account in transactions
    • Account Code: String of level definitions.
    • Description: Used to describe the account
    • Account Restriction: Only for dedicated accounts, otherwise leave this blank.
    • Bank Account: Marked TRUE for assets that you want to reconcile or use in checks/deposits.
    • Credit Card: Mark TRUE for credit card liability accounts, otherwise leave blank.
    • Accounts Payable: Mark TRUE for any liability accounts that will be used to track your payables, otherwise leave blank.
  • Vendor Information Import: Used to import vendors into ParishSOFT Accounting.  Please only import vendors that you think you will use or have used in the current fiscal year.  At a minimum the Vendor Name and Check Name needs to be populated for each vendor.
  •  Beginning Balance: Used to import your starting balance sheet totals into ParishSOFT Accounting. Add the shortcut for each account as well as the debit balance or credit balance of that account.  The total debits must equal total credits and only Assets, Liability, Net Assets, or Dedicated Accounts can be used.

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