PSFS MOC - Members: How to log in to My Own Church

How to log in to My Own Church

If you do not yet have a My Own Church account, see the article, "How to sign up for a new My Own Church account."

  1. In your web browser, enter the URL (Web Address) for ParishSOFT.

    For example, where yourdiocese is the name of your diocese.

    The ParishSOFT Welcome page is displayed:
  2. Choose from the following options:
    • If you are a new user, you must create a new account. Go to How to sign up for a new account for instructions.

    • If you have a username and password, type them in the Username and Password fields. Then, click the Log In button.

      • If you cannot remember your credentials, click the Lost password? link. Look in your Spam folder if you do not get an email.
      • If you have a login but do not have the ParishSOFT Access permission enabled, ask your administrator to update your user privileges to give you ParishSOFT access.
    • If you are prompted to change a temporary password, keep the following in mind: your password is case sensitive and must contain at least six characters, two of which must be numbers.

      After you log in, your Home Page is displayed.

  1. Click any button to go to a page in My Own Church and begin working or any tab to open a new module (for example, Home → Giving History).

    • You may now navigate the tabs in My Own Church simply by clicking on them.  For example, clicking on Giving History will present you with your family's giving history.

      If you want to bookmark the website to make it easier to access in the future, see How to bookmark the ParishSOFT website.

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