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How to create member mailing labels

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Creating Member Mailing Labels

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Creating Member Mailing Labels

  1. Click Member List.
  1. Select the members for whom you want to create labels. Choose one of the following methods:

    • Individually select the names of members from the Member List page. (Use the page buttons to advance through the list.)

    • Apply the basic or advanced filter to the Member List page to narrow down your list to a select group of members.

      The filters enable you to create a select list of members. If you do not set up any filters, all of your members will be selected. For help using the filters, see How to filter records.

      For example, suppose you wanted to create mailing labels for all active, registered students in your Vacation Bible School work-group. To do this, you would clickto display the advanced filter and select Registered, Student, Active, and Vacation Bible School as your search criteria and then click Apply to load the filter settings: 

  2. Click the check box next to the "Member Last" column heading to choose all members in the filtered list.

  3.  From the Quick Reports menu, select Member Mailing Labels:

    The Report Viewer opens to display your labels.

    Using our filtered list example, the Report Viewer displays mailing labels for all active, registered students in the Vacation Bible School workgroup:

    You can print your labels or save them to disk. For details, see How to Print, View, and Save Reports.



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