PSFS Family Directory - Member List: How to search for members using Family DUID

How to search for members using Family DUID and list the results in alphabetical order by first name

Start in the Family Directory tab and select the Member List.

Select the fields you would like to be included in the search by clicking the down-carrot in the Search Field.

A new pop-up window displays which lists each field which, when selected, will be searched. The Member field is not optional and may not be unmarked. However, you may also mark any other field. In this case, select the Family DUID. To learn how to add any field to your grid, click here.

In the search field, type in the Family DUID and click the magnifying glass search icon. The default sort will be on the Member DUID (even if this column is not displayed on your screen).

To sort the results by any other column such as first name, click on the column header for Member First Name.

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