PSFS Family Directory - Family List: Autofill family names doesn't populate all fields correctly

Autofill family names doesn't populate all fields correctly

In ParishSOFT Family Suite, you have the ability to auto-fill certain family names based on the members of the family.

These auto-fill fields include:

  • Formal Mailing Name
  • Informal Name
  • Formal Salutation
  • Informal Salutation

It is important to have the member records completely filled out to have this information populated correctly.

First, ensure you understand roles and how they work in this function first. The three roles that will populate the auto-fill family names are: Head, Husband, and Wife. When there is just one person or parent in the family, you will want to mark them as Head of the House, and that will be the person whose information is filled in for the family record. In the case of a married couple, both the husband and the wife will be selected for the auto-fill, so it is important to label your members correctly in order to get the Auto-Fill to use the correct members of the family. 

Here are some different scenarios where information could be incomplete; at the bottom, you will see how it looks when all information is complete. Click on each link below to skip to the different scenarios, there are screenshots included in each section to show you what this looks like. 


No members have titles

If you have created a family or find a family and neither of the members have titles in their member records, a few different things will happen with the auto-fill function. First of all, the wife's record will be the record that auto-fills the formal mailing name, and the formal salutation will only have the family's last name since it is counting on the member titles for this field. Please see the images below for what this looks like in Family Suite.


One member has a title

In this scenario, we are going to give the husband a title and leave the wife's title blank. You will see in the family screen that just the husband's name now will populate for the formal names when you do autofill, that again is because these fields rely on the title field for information, so if it is blank, it will not pull that member's information.  


Both members have titles 

When all of the member information has been filled out completely, you will find that these auto-fill fields in the family screen will populate the information you are looking for. See below for how this looks in Family Suite. 


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