PSFS Offering | Batches - Correction Batch: How to use the correction batch feature to reverse a whole closed batch (or a single posting) using the memo field

How to create a correction batch to reverse a whole closed batch (or a single posting) using the memo field

Also referred to as: How to delete a closed batch

Closed batches may not be deleted but they may be reversed using the Correction Batch feature. Correction batches are created from the Contributions page and never from the Batches page.

This process may be followed to reverse a whole closed batch. You may also use it to reverse a single transaction in a closed batch with the following caveats: instead of searching for all of the entries in the batch, just search for and select one entry that needs to be reversed. Otherwise, all the instructions are the same.

Batch corrections:

A correction batch will create a batch that has two sets of entries for the selected contributions.

  • Set One will reverse the "original" selected entries. All of these transactions will have negative amounts.
  • Set Two will re-add the entries, but with the updated fields as noted. All of these transactions will have positive amounts.
    Since the intent of this correction is to reverse the original batch, before closing this correction batch, you will delete all of the postings with positive amounts (Set Two) and update the Batch Details counts and amounts accordingly. This will in effect 'delete' the original batch by creating only the reversing (negative) entry.
  1. On the Contributions page,  use the filter panel on the right and enter the batch description in the batch field to pull up all of the transactions in the batch you want to reverse.
      • Remember that you must click the filter button (aqua magnifying glass) at the top of the panel to refresh the results on the page.
      • Scan the results on the page to ensure they are all from the batch you want to reverse.
  2. Click the select all box above all the transactions to select all of the contributions.
  3. Click the Create Correction Batch button in the toolbar (upper-right). 
  4. The Create Correction batch page displays and you must fill in the following:
    • Mark the category for Memo.
    • Name the correction batch. See the following suggestions:
      • If your correction batch is basically a correction of an existing batch, name the correction batch exactly the same as the original with the word 'Correction' or the letters 'CB' at the end. Other options are: 'Removal' or 'Duplicate'
    • Fill in the memo field with the reason for the correction or removal (ie. remove duplicate batch)
    • Reason: Fill in the reason for the correction. The Reason field is required.
  5. Click the save button in the top-right corner.
    • You will be prompted to make sure you still want to create this correction batch.
  6. The batch will be created as soon as you answer yes.
    • The batch will automatically be flagged as a review batch
    • You will immediately be taken to the Batch Details page. where you must update the count and amount.
      • The count will be two times the number of entries as in the original batch. This is because a correction batch automatically creates two entries for every single posting: one to reverse the original with a negative amount (which you will keep) and one that creates a new entry with the updated information (which you will delete in a future step).
      • Update the batch details page for the final count and amount you will have in this batch. Basically, half the count that shows and the negative amount of the original batch. If you don't know these numbers, don't worry, you can come back to this page before closing the batch.
        • When you make any changes to this record, you must enter a reason or the changes won't save.
      • Save the batch details.
  7. Click on the Postings button (top-right).
    • Very carefully go through the postings and delete any posting with a positive amount.
    • If you inadvertently delete a negative posting, you may simply re-add it just as you would add any posting (making sure the amount is negative).
  8. Once you have completed the process of deleting any entries with a positive amount, you now will have a batch that is the exact reverse of the original with the only difference being the updated memo field.
    • If the batch is in balance, you will see an aqua checkmark in the upper right corner. Click that to close the batch.
    • If the checkmark is greyed out, click the batch details icon in the upper right to go back to the batch details page. There, update the count and amount fields, add a reason and save it. Then go back to the Postings page to close the batch.
  9. Once you have closed the correction batch you may go to the Contributions page to see the original entry and the reversing entries: 
    • Clear the filter.
    • Use a date range filter to encompass the original batch and the correction batch dates...
    • Then sort by the Family ID...
    • You will be able to see the original and correcting contribution entries.


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