PSFS Offering | Batches - Process: How to close a batch

Once the batch has been reviewed, it may be closed.

Here are some caveats to closing a batch. Until each of these is true, the close button for the batch will not be live.

Note: Batches created through PSG → PSFS integration will always be flagged as integration batches and will be populated with a batch closed date once they are brought into balance


How to close a batch

  • You may only close a batch that has been flagged for review.
  • If the check mark is greyed out, it is most likely because the batch is not in balance. See the next bullet to learn how to fix this.
  • You may only close a batch that is in balance. This must be said because a batch may be changed even when it is in the review process and sometimes the batch details must be updated to reflect those changes.
  • Depending on how your organization is set up, it is possible that you may only close a batch that you created.

What happens once the batch is closed?

  • Once the batch is closed, it may not be edited.
  • If postings in a closed batch are incorrect, a correction batch must be created.
  • Once the batch is closed, the contributions may be seen on the Contributions page and in reports. Before that, they may only be seen on the Postings page and on a Postings List Report.

Steps to close a batch

  1. Go to the Batches page.
    • Using the Navigator Bar, select Batches.
    • Using the Batches Card, select All.

  2. If you are already in the batch, go to the next step, (#3). Otherwise, search for the batch. Note in the Filter Panel on the right toward the bottom, there is a field for Status. Select Review. This will bring up a list of all the batches that have been flagged for review, which is required before closing the batch.
  3. Once all of the postings for this batch have been reviewed and the batch is in balance, you may close the batch by clicking the close batch action button in the top right corner or by clicking the Close button from the Batches card.
  4. In either case, you will be prompted to confirm that you want to close the batch.

    • If you get an error that says, "Nullable object must have a value," see this article to resolve the issue.
  5. You may now access the contributions from this closed batch on the Contributions page and they will be listed on reports. They may not be edited.


The Batch Details page

The Batch Owner, shown on the Batch Details page, is the person who created the batch.




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