PSFC Events - Conflicts: How to overcome or avoid room conflicts when scheduling events

How to prevent or overcome room conflicts when scheduling events

The first step in scheduling an event is a proactive step. You know the room(s) your new event will require, and you know the date(s). Before adding the event, check the current schedule to ensure no other events are scheduled for the room(s) on the date(s) using this simple method:

    • Set your view to the room or rooms that your new event will be using.
    • Scan the calendar view for the dates of your new event to see if any events already scheduled appear in the view on the date(s). Using the view option makes this simple because only those events scheduled in the room(s) in question will display.
    • If any events display on the same dates and time slots as your new event, you must decide which event takes precedence for the room reservation and take action: The New Event | The Already Scheduled Event | Both Events - Room Grouping





'Both Events' must be scheduled into the same room 

This is a more complicated solution, but once it's done, you will be able to utilize it going forward. Note: If you want to schedule two events for the same room at the same time and there is truly only one space, you could consider the following for the second event: Do not select a room at all but instead write the room name in the event description.

One room may be divided into two rooms in either of the following Room Grouping ways:

Multiple Room Method

  • Add each smaller space within the larger room as its own room using the Add Room Name under the Building.
    When you have the Parish Hall divided into rooms by simply adding two different room names within the church building you may:
    • Simply mark off both rooms when you want to reserve the whole room

'Building' as Room Method

  • Add the room using the Add Building Name option and then the room divisions as separate rooms within the 'Building'.
    When you use the 'Building' as Room option to add a large room, then divide this large room into its sections by using the Add Room Name option:
    • This will allow you to select the whole room ('building') for an event at once or the individual rooms within the whole room.
    • Pro: Mark one option for the whole room or individual rooms within
    • Con: If you want to reserve the whole church building for an event, you must mark the additional 'buildings' you've added in this way.








The 'New Event' takes precedence for room scheduling

If the new event takes precedence for room scheduling, before adding the new event, you must edit the existing event and change the room. Then, after you have done so, you may add the new event.

Note: The existing event may be a recurring event and the new event may only need the room for one or a few of the dates. You may change the room for just those dates that are in conflict with the new event.













The 'Already Scheduled Event' takes precedence for room scheduling

This is simple. Choose a different room for your new event and add the event.






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