PSFC Views - Reports: How to print the events with rooms

How to print the events with rooms

There are a few ways to get a report of your events and the rooms they are held in. All three require that you filter the view for those events you want in your printout.


Full Event Print Out

One way is to generate a Full Event Print Out. This will give you a one-page report for each event in your date range that meets the filter criteria.

  1. Filter your view to those events you want for your printout.
  2. Click the printer button and select Full Event Print Out, enter a date range, and click Go.

Agenda View PDF

A second way is to print a PDF of the Agenda view. This will give you a printout for two months worth of data. 


Export records to a CSV file

A third way to get this information is to export the calendar to an excel file. This will give you an Excel row for up to two months of data that meet the filter criteria.

Using a work-around to get the room on the Simple Agenda Report

Finally, there is a way to ensure that room numbers print on the Simple Agenda Report. This is somewhat of a work-around option but it may be the best way to get the exact report you want. When adding the event, simply put the room number in parenthesis to the right of the event name.

When printing the Agenda Report (Using the Printer button in the upper right and selecting the Simple Agenda View, the list of events will have the room number included. *Note: the room numbers may get cut off when using other reports because of the limited field width available on printouts. Another workaround is to abbreviate words in the title to shorten the length.

Example from the Month -8.5x11 -No Overflow report when both title and rooms are abbreviated




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