PSFC Setup - Rooms: How to add room setups and how to assign setups and equipment to rooms

How to add room setups and how to assign setups and equipment to rooms

After adding each room, you may assign to each room the equipment that may be used in that room. You may also assign multiple setup designs to the room, each of which requires different equipment in various quantities and layouts.  When the scheduler selects the room for an event, they may reserve equipment by selecting the equipment, or by selecting a room setup, or by selecting a combination of equipment and a room setup.

  1. Before you may assign setups and equipment to the rooms, you must first add the equipment in Settings → Equipment. Add all of the equipment that is available to be used for events. 
    • This will allow you to reserve equipment (through using the room setup feature enumerated below) and help you to determine if you have the equipment available when scheduling each event.
  2. Next, add room setups which will require selecting the equipment you need for each design, attaching an image of the room layout (if you have one), and giving it a good descriptive name that makes it easy to select when scheduling your event.
        • In Settings → Room Setups, add the Setup Name, Setup Description, and each piece of non-static equipment required for the setup. 
        • Keep in mind that some setup designs may be appropriate to use in several rooms where others will only work in a particular room.
          • For example, if you only have one room large enough for a large banquet event, the Large Banquet Setup design will be associated with only that room. 
          • If you have several rooms that are of similar size, one design may be associated with each of those rooms.
        • On the Setups page, you may edit the setup design, by clicking on the Name link. Here, you may add additional equipment to the room setup. You may also attach an image of the room layout you envision (if you have one).

  3. Now it's time to list all of the equipment available to each room plus the room setup options under each room.
    • To add equipment and setup options to a room:
      1. Go to Settings → Rooms and click the Gear button to the right of each room; a pop-up window will display.
      2. Here, you may enter the equipment that may be used in this room at the top of the page under Equipment. 
      3. Here, you may also enter the room setups at the bottom of the page under Setups. You may add the same setup design to multiple rooms.
        • Apply all of the possible setup options to your room so when the Event Planner is scheduling an event, they will have several layout options from which to choose.
    • When a room is selected by the scheduler, they will then have the option to select from the associated setups (which will automatically reserve all the equipment populated in that setup), or from the equipment associated with a room, or from a combination of both.
      Example of selecting both a setup and equipment
      • Below is an example of an event as it is being scheduled for Hall A.
        • When the scheduler clicks the setup link, they have two options. Here they select the Hall Luncheon setup option.
        • When they click the equipment link, they reserve a portable screen. 


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