PSFC Setup - Rooms: How to add buildings and rooms

How to add buildings and rooms 


It is very important to take into account that when a room is reserved for an event if you try to schedule another event for the same date in the same room, there is no override feature. If there are several spaces in one room, you may want to consider applying the room grouping method shown below.

  1. In Facility Calendar, click the gear cog to open the Settings page.
  2. Click the Rooms button on the left.
  3. To add a building, click into the Building Name field at the top right and enter the name of the building; then click the Add button.
  4. Once a building has been added, you may add the rooms to each building. In the Rooms panel, find the building to which you would like to add a room, and type in the room name in the field provided; then click add.
    • For larger rooms, you may want to divide the room into sections by naming the sections separately such as Hall A, Hall B, etc., or using the room grouping method. See How to add room groupings for additional ideas on using this feature.
  5. Once you have added equipment and room setups, you may apply them to the rooms


How to add room groupings

You can divide one space into smaller spaces by adding different rooms for each space (see Example 1), or you can use the 'Add Building' option to add a room grouping (see Example 2). Then when scheduling, you will have the option to select the grouping which will include all of the rooms in the grouping at once, or to select each room in the grouping separately.

Example 1 - Divide one large space into two room names
Select the rooms for the event


Example 2: Add a large room as a 'building' and add each space within that large room as a separate 'room.'


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