PSFS Offering | Batches - Process: How to flag a batch for review

How to flag a batch for review

  1. Once all of the postings for this batch have been entered and the batch is in balance (see second image below), you may submit the batch for review by clicking the review action button in the top right corner or by clicking the Review button from the Batches card.

    • A balanced batch means that the count and amount entered on the Batch Details page match the number and amount of the postings. This example shows a balanced contribution batch, but the same principle applies to a pledge batch.

    • Once it has been submitted, ideally, another pair of eyes will review the batch. If your batch is not in balance, you may still want to follow the link to review the batch for some hints on how to resolve this issue.
    • Note, a batch flagged for review is still an open batch and the posting details may be edited.
  2. After the batch has been reviewed, it may be closed.


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