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How to add additional postings to a closed batch

There is no way to edit or add to a closed batch. Please see the following information to learn the most efficient way of making additions to a closed batch. This process is done through the Batches page and is entirely different than creating a correction batch which is done on the Contributions page and where you cannot add new postings.

Batch additions:

  • If you have a batch that needs to be updated because a contribution was left out, the best and most efficient way to handle this is to simply create a new batch, giving it the same name as the original but adding the word append to the end. If you must do this several times for one original batch, use append## incrementing the number each time.
  • Once you close a batch, all contributions go directly into the contributions file. The only thing that sets them apart at that time is the batch name and the date of entry.
  • So, if you create a new batch to add additional envelopes and simply give the batch the same name with the addition of the word "append" at the end, and give it the same transaction date as the original, once you close the new batch, the reports will reflect the same thing as they would have had you entered the envelope in the original batch.
Also, if you follow this naming convention, you may bring up the list of these batches by entering the batch name into the search bar.  You may do this no matter if the batch is open, closed, or flagged for review. Simply set the status filter to 'Any' and enter the first part of the batch name that all entries have in common. Printing a Batch List report (export button at top right) will give you a listing of all the contributions in the combined batches listed on your screen on one worksheet and a summary by fund on another worksheet.


Batch corrections:

When you have a closed batch and you realize that a group of contributions (or even one) has the wrong Donor, Fund, Contribution Date, Contribution Type, Memo, or Tax-Deductible flag, you may create a correction batch:

If the amount used in a posting is incorrect or was added in error, see How to correct a batch posting that was added in error or for the wrong amount.


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