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How to find missing contributions from statements

Did a family or member contact you stating a contribution is not displayed on their statement, or is the total incorrect on their tax receipt?  Or are you receiving a "No data available for the parameters you requested" message when trying to generate a statement or tax receipt? 


Contribution data could be missing for assorted reasons, such as the contribution was: 

  • Posted to the incorrect year/date
  • Posted to the incorrect fund
  • Mistakenly posted to the wrong family or member record
  • Marked as non-tax-deductive when it should be marked as tax-deductible
  • Contribution is in an Open or In Review Batch
  • Posted as the wrong payment type or the payment type is not selected in Report Filters 
  • Recorded to the Member record, not the Family record
  • Posted to a fund where staff member generating statements does not have access
  • To a payment type not selected for Donor Reports

Start with searching for the contribution(s) using one of the following: 


Contribution Found! 

Once you have found the contribution, please use these articles to help you get the contribution on the statement or tax receipt:  


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