PSFS Offering | Batches - Process: How to move through the batch process from Create & Post to Review & Edit to Close

How to move through the batch process from Create & Post to Review & Edit to Close

The Settings page allows your administrator to set parameters for batch options.
For a quick visualization of the create-through-close process, see How to add a batch (Quick Start Visualization).
  • Adding contributions through batches is a time saver because default values set in the batch details record are used to populate some fields automatically.
  • The batch must first be reviewed and then closed before the contributions show up on reports or statements.
  • This process helps promote data integrity. See the article, How to ensure data integrity when posting a batch

Batch Processing: Create|Review/Edit | Close


Create a Batch

    1. Go to the Batches page.
      • Using the Navigator Bar, select Batches.
      • Using the Batches Card, select Open.

  1. To avoid duplicates, search for the batch before adding.
  2. To add a new batch, click the add action button in the upper right corner of the screen. This will open the Batch Details page.
  3.  Enter all relevant information about the batch into this Batch Details page and then click the save action button.
    • For information on each field, see the in-app Redesigned Offering Help for Batch Details
    • You may tab through the Count fields (leaving them blank) and if you do, they will not be compared to the actual counts when you close the batch. If you do enter count totals, they will be compared and if they don't match, you will not be able to close the batch.
    • The fund you select on this page will become the default fund for this batch.
    • Some options will be allowed or restricted based on the Settings.
    • To learn the recommended process for recording pledge and contribution counts and amounts in a batch, see the article, How to ensure data integrity when posting a batch
  4. Once the Batch detail record has been saved, you may immediately begin to add postings. To learn how to do so, click one of the following links.
  5. After the postings are completed and the batch postings balance with the batch details, take the time to ensure the batch details are correct.

    • Once the count and amount totals of the batch postings match the paid count and paid total and/or the pledge count and pledge total entered on the Batch Details record, the review option will become active. You will see it on the Postings page or on the Batch card or grid.
    • Simply click the Review button and let the person who reviews that batch before it is closed know that the batch is ready for review.



Review the Batch (and make corrections)

  1. The batch must be marked for review before it can be closed. If you are ready to mark the batch for review (or if you are trying to find a posting issue) follow the steps below.
    • Postings may still be edited in the review phase.
  2. The Review process is intended to allow a second set of eyes to review the batch before closing it.
    • One tool available for this verification is the Postings List Report. See How to generate a postings list. For contributions, you will also want the physical checks, credit card receipts, and cash on hand. For pledges, you will want the Pledge Cards on hand.
    • Things to check: Make sure that each contribution or pledge is entered correctly. Each of the following fields should be looked at and corrected if wrong:
    • If any of the fields listed is incorrect, the posting may still be edited, even in the review phase. Only when a batch has been closed will updates be disabled.
  3. If there were any changes to the donation amount, before moving to the next step you may want to ensure your batch is in balance. If it is not, and you are sure each posting has been entered correctly, you will need to edit the Batch Details record and make updates.



Close the Batch

  1. Once a batch has been reviewed and all numbers are verified and match, it may be closed.
    • Until a batch is closed, the transactions will not show in statements. 
    • Posting may no longer be edited once a batch is closed.
    • If a closed batch has errors, the only way to fix them is through a correction batch.



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